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East Elmhurst, Queens


East Elmhurst is a neighborhood located in the northwest of the borough of Queens, New York, surrounded by Jackson Heights, Corona and Flushing Bay. It is a very diverse neighborhood made up mainly of families from medium to low income, with a population of 79,252 (2000 census). It is a very historic neighborhood for the African American community as it is home to famous musicians, civil rights leaders, professionals and athletes of African American decent.

One of the main attractions of East Elmhurst is its library. The Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center, named after the famous poet and social activist Langston Hughes, has one of the most extensive collections of African American art and literature. It has approximately 30,000 volumes of material related to black culture in the United States. It includes information in books, theses, periodicals, videos, photos, prints, paintings and sculptures.

East Elmhurst has a close affiliation the its southern neighbor Corona, and they are often referred to as "Corona/East Elmhurst". These famous neighborhoods have also been home to many notable residents, including Malcolm X, Eric Holder, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald among others.

Its also home to two public schools belonging to the New York public school system, the Aerospace Science Magnet School (elementary school) and Louis Armstrong Middle School, as well as a private all male Christian school, Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School and St. Gabriel School, a co-ed Catholic school.

East Elmhurst is a historic neighborhood that is called home by many influential artists and public activists in the African American community, and for that, it is am important and well known neighborhood in New York.

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